About Us



In 322 Couture we create high quality fashion: sophisticated, comfortable and sustainable. A fashion that is the essence of Made in Italy.

We design outfits that will become the allies and accomplices of the woman who wears them. Wherever she goes, she can always count on a very trustworthy "wardrobe" that will accompany her during her daily commitments. He may be at the helm of a board of directors or kindergarten; he can run behind the tram or get on and off the planes .... Knowing "what to wear" will no longer be the first problem of the day.

Our online collections are extremely attractive and extremely customizable: to match the figure, the event, the complexion, the curves, the mood ...

In the 322 Couture Dream Team there are:

Valentina Mazza - stylist and model maker, head of design.

Mariella di Mario - stylist, pattern maker and teacher of pattern making and tailoring, responsible for design and model.

Giuliana Costantino - economic training and model maker by passion, owner and team manager.

In 322 Couture we create allies for life.




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