The Jumpsuit Collection presents a single model of jumpsuit - or jumpsuit, however declined in an infinity of fabrics and colors. It can be a day, evening, office or ceremony garment.

In short, a garment h / 24. perfectly in line with our philosophy of continuity.

Jumpsuit is a very boss cool, with his palazzo pants, the loose line and the particular T cut of the shots. It has suspenders, so it looks good both on leather and on top of your favorite top. With or without a belt, in silk satin, velvet, technical fabric or cotton voile, it can be black or very colorful, it always gives all figures.

Trust ally for every season - for every occasion and for every wardrobe.

A piece that you always find in the catalog. 

Fabrics Rats Carnet (Como)

Technical fabrics Texjet Srl (Meadow)

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